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Views From My Schoolroom Window

The Diary of Schoolteacher
Mary Laurentine Martin

Views From My Schoolroom Window is the true coming-of-age account of a mid-19th century schoolgirl who became a teacher upon turning 15 years old. Laurentine's story, now published in this SESQUICENTENNIAL YEAR -- 150 years from the time she began writing -- is an historical account in the form of her edited diary and supplemental writings based on her life in Janesville, Wisconsin 1856 -- 1870.

Because Laurentine was a prolific and colorful writer and an insightful chronicler of change and growth around her, readers are provided, through the lens of her "father confessor" (her diary), with an engaging, richly detailed and unique set of views of family life, social relations, community debates, education standards, and the face of war -- the Civil War.

ISBN: 1-4259-0201-4 (dj) AuthorHouse 2006
ISBN: 1-4259-0202-2 (sc)
397 pp, Map, Photos, Notes, Bibliography, Index

Edited by Jennifer Cain Bohrnstedt
Foreword by  Margaret Thomas

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Laurentine, a surprisingly modern young woman for her time, challenges us to reconsider what we think we know about 19th century women, their expectations in life, and their attitudes towards roles and duties.

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